Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tried an tut by Vix and I liked my outcome

Well I tried this tut it took me an hour and half with all the interuptions. You see got haters in my house lol that love to mess with me when I am tagging why I do not know why this person does this but I wont name that person. That person has asked me to stop naming them lol. Where it is ... 

Click to view in a larger view... and to see it animated. It will not animated unless it is clicked.
Well I had been trying to do this tutorial all day long glad I got it done and 12 am lolz.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Hearted Chick Tutorial-Challenge


Note: This tutorial is intended for those with working knowledge of PSP.
::Supplies Needed::
Tagger Template: By Toxic Desires
Using Tagger Template Kristen_-_-_Template_150
Gradients By: Sametra's Signature Tags- A Girl With Heart Gradients

I am using a tube by : Artist Grafik at Pic for Designs Psp Valentine Tube.

Kit I am using is from SATC: LM Chairty from the Lady Mishka  purchase this Collab#1 here.

Now the purpose of this tutorial is to challenge you to see if you can figure out what I did to Big Circle. What did I do to get that effect... 
If you do this tutorial please send me your results I will put them on the blog.
My facebook page is
www.facebook.com/sametra.lacy Tag me or post it on my wall. I will save it and put on the blog. If your not a friend on my facebook send a friend request and put the name of the tut I will accept your friend request.

  1. Open up tag template and duplicate it. Close the other one as we do not need it.
  2. Close the Credits layer off. Then activate layer Left circle2 go to selections and select all-float and then de-float. Then hit delete key. Now set the Gradient Style Sunburst.  Set the Angle and Repeat settings to 0. Then  Flood fill with AGirlWithAHeartGrad3 Gradient. ( Repeat this for all of the Pink Rectangles and Circles See my tag for reference. Do Not touch the transmission layer leave it as is.
  3. Now Open up Psp Valentine Tube and copy and paste it above raster layer named skulls.  Now Hit the Ctrl + R keys on your keybord and rotate Left by 270. Then Resize it by 80% and Sharpen once. Now Hit Ctrl +M to mirror the tube and adjust her sit on the star. ( see my tag for reference). Add a drop shadow of your choice to the tube.
  4. Now open element glitter.png and copy and paste as a new layer and leave it alone add drop shadow. Then sharpen it.
  5. Now activate the tube layer and hit K on your keyboard and slightly tilt her rotate I mean. Just like mines. Now Hit  Shift+S  Key and make sure Resize all layers is check and resize by 80%.
  6. Now add the elements of your choice get creative with it.  Then add drop shadows to the layers of your choice.
  7. Now activate Lrg Rectangle layer and apply these settings for blind effect. Then active Circle 1 and apply the blind settings as well.
  8. Merge all flatend and sharpen once.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Girl With A Heart Gradients

Above is Previewed the Gradients which will featured in my tutorial comming up....
You may download them here...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shoe's Tube 1

My newest tube was shared in our yahoo group Creative Tubes... 
If you would like to join look to your left at the bottom and click to join us.


1. My personal use freebies and non freebies are strictly for personal use only. Do take or (rip apart any of my creations to include in your kits for sale unless otherwise stated by written permission from me).

2. If you use any of my tubes,kits,etc in your tutorials ( link back to my blog for the supplies).

3. If you create any layouts with my digital scrap kits for publication credit is required.

4. Use may use my kit's to create your blog layouts for your own blog layouts.

SST Jams